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What Are 'Dark Patterns'?

Conversations in Ethical Tech, Episode 3

Join Ethical Tech Project Board Member Dr. Maritza Johnson and Board Advisor Jonathan Joseph (AKA ‘JJ’) for “Conversations in Ethical Tech!

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In this episode, JJ and Maritza explore the concept of dark patterns, meaning deceptive design practices that manipulate users into taking actions they didn't intend to.

How does the choice architecture of the tech products you use impact your personal privacy and data protection? Find out more about hidden privacy policies, misleading consent buttons, and nagging prompts.

How can good product design and business outcomes be balanced against avoiding deceptive practices? Learn a few common-sense suggestions that you can take as a developer, leader, or consumer, including providing feedback to companies, filing complaints with regulatory bodies, and raising awareness about dark patterns.

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What We’re Reading on Ethical Tech This Week

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The Ethical Tech Project
Conversations in Ethical Tech
Join Dr. Maritza Johnson and Jonathan Joseph on "Conversations in Ethical Tech," where they explore the critical issues surrounding ethical data use. Through engaging discussions with leading experts, they tackle the complexities of technology, privacy, and governance and take you on a journey through the ethical dimensions of our tech-driven society - centered on the data that powers it. This podcast is your backstage pass to the latest in tech ethics, privacy, and governance.
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