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The Impact of a Federal Privacy Law

Join Ethical Tech Project Board Member Dr. Maritza Johnson and Board Advisor Jonathan Joseph (AKA ‘JJ’) for “Conversations in Ethical Tech!”

In this episode, JJ and Maritza dig into the recently proposed American Privacy Rights Act (read our initial reactions in this blog post). What will the impact be on business, and why will it mean more businesses adopt data minimization? Does the regulation cover dark patterns? Why are we surprised at the inclusion of a private right of action for consumers in a major privacy bill? JJ and Maritza break down the principles in clear terms that are helpful for privacy professionals and intelligible for the average citizen alike.

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This exclusive event, designed for technologists, marketers, and legal professionals from publishing and media organizations, aims to spotlight the importance of responsible data practices and how they pave the way for meaningful data monetization and advertiser trust. 

​Prioritizing responsible data practices enables publishers to build deeper relationships with advertising partners that want to target permissioned audiences, in addition to enabling key DTC use cases like personalization, analytics, and retargeting.  In an era where publishers are navigating the complex landscape of data mobilization and monetization, this timely event provides a forum to discuss this challenge and opportunity with industry experts, peers, and new colleagues. 

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The Ethical Tech Project
Conversations in Ethical Tech
Join Dr. Maritza Johnson and Jonathan Joseph on "Conversations in Ethical Tech," where they explore the critical issues surrounding ethical data use. Through engaging discussions with leading experts, they tackle the complexities of technology, privacy, and governance and take you on a journey through the ethical dimensions of our tech-driven society - centered on the data that powers it. This podcast is your backstage pass to the latest in tech ethics, privacy, and governance.
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