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Exploring Data Privacy & AI

Introducing the first-ever episode of "Conversations in Ethical Tech" !

Join Ethical Tech Project Board Member Dr. Maritza Johnson and Board Advisor Jonathan Joseph (AKA ‘JJ’) on the first-ever episode of “Conversations in Ethical Tech!”

JJ and Maritza dive into what makes the Ethical Tech Project tick and why pushing for a more ethical internet is critical. They chat about data privacy, the effects of AI, and just how fast technology is changing. The duo also touches on how data-driven marketing has evolved, exploring the relationship between brands and consumers. They underline the need for people to have more control over their data and stress the importance of transparency in how it's used. Wrapping up, they discuss AI's potential risks and benefits and what it could mean for all of us.

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The Ethical Tech Project
Conversations in Ethical Tech
Join Dr. Maritza Johnson and Jonathan Joseph on "Conversations in Ethical Tech," where they explore the critical issues surrounding ethical data use. Through engaging discussions with leading experts, they tackle the complexities of technology, privacy, and governance and take you on a journey through the ethical dimensions of our tech-driven society - centered on the data that powers it. This podcast is your backstage pass to the latest in tech ethics, privacy, and governance.
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