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Proposals that are being presented in recent weeks should focus attention, elevate the discourse and the build citizen demand new AI legislation. Personally, I am delighted there is action at the federal and international level. I envision the goal being AI regulations that work for more people, restoring a sense of calm and analysis of a range of options, and limiting undisclosed access to personal data.

Young people (in grades K-12) who we interviewed in a survey for Bridging Tech (www.bridgingtech.org) see 'being safe on the Internet' as a concern and this is a priority for us as affordable tech providers. With AI being released across so many platforms, it is more complicated for all of us, but especially in terms of safeguarding a child's Internet journey and data. We need AI leaders to consider their reasons for "what is being collected" and to avoid designing 'too rapidly to fully assess outcomes' for new tools and technologies.

In terms of Biden's leadership...I would like to see additional federal and international incentives to focus AI innovation on shared international concerns like water conservation, regenerating soil, climate change, education and health. Focus on the issues is a positive development overall!

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